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July 3, 2012
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Purgatory Cinder by submicron Purgatory Cinder by submicron

You know the truth... Where are you? You can call it the end of the world.

As always enjoy. xD

NOTE: The whole package is $1.25. A pack of gum. xD


Anti-Theft card info: [link]
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Akularael Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Hey I've been following your work for a while now. I only come onto DA once every few months to check out yours and a few other artist work every now and then. I come on so infrequently that I don't really bother following the changes to the site so premium users and points are things I haven't bothered to look into very much. I'm not artistic in the slightest I just come here to enjoy what others have made.......
I'd just like to say a couple things:

1st: You are completely justified charging for your work and I feel that you have set a good price for a nice desktop wall, and I find your price acceptable to pay for most of the walls you have put out so far.
My only gripe is that it is only available through the point system and having to buy set amounts of points. I am aware this is not your fault or really in your control. I hope that at some point you or DA can set up a direct buy system either through just money or through buying of the exact amount of points you need for a purchase. Being a poor college student I can honestly say the difference between spending $1 and $5 actually matters at many times.

2nd: I actually discovered your work through one of those sites that doesn't credit the authors or anything. I liked what I found so much that I used Tineye to find the original post by the author (you) here on DA. If I remember correctly that was your injected/administered series (please note that I am in no way agreeing with their practices, but it's not a total loss).

3rd: I have enjoyed your work for years and I hope to continue.

4th: In summary I'll probably just wait until you put out several pieces I want and buy them all when I have the money to spare.
submicron Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you kindly for your words. Yes, the premium content feature does have that minor annoyance. Your idea is sound but again DA has been using the point system for quite sometime.

About my work being posted on other sites... Well, there's very little I can do about it. I keep telling people to link me back here on DA but I guess it falls on deaf ears. However, I've noticed eventually the people that end up using the work do make their way back here on my page. xD Not sure if anyone has noticed but that's the main reason why I only exist here on DA. Imagine if I had my work on other social media sites...? I wouldn't be able to manage the stress. xD

Anyhow, am currently working on another piece that could end up on the Premium Content list.
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